Workshop Elaboration of TVET quality standards


From 16 to 20 January in the framework of TVET quality, the AQA unit/WDA in collaboration with TVET SM/PAFP organized a workshop at Beauséjour Hotel with the aim of working on accreditation & quality standards and tools.

I. Context and objectives

In the framework of TVET quality, the AQA unit/WDA in collaboration with TVET SM/PAFP organized a workshop with the aim of working on accreditation & quality standards and tools. In this context, the AQA unit had already achieved lots of things, so the workshop activities consisted in the revision and adaptation of existing tools and documents.

The AQA work with the GIZ consultant contributed also to the achievement of the workshop objectives. As the TVET quality refers to different school aspects (curriculum, resources, teaching/training methods, assessment & certification, etc), other WDA units and the PAFP technical assistants were invited to the validation session.

The participation of TSS & VTC representatives helped us to set up/adapt quality standards according to the real context of TVET providers. The inputs from these different participants were appreciated since this makes evidence of collaboration to achieve common goals.

18 participants were present amongst them the PAFP Delco

II. Methodology:

  • Use of existing documents and tools : power point presentations, readings, corrections and additions
  • Group discussions : exchange of ideas about relevant aspects to be put in the standards documents and in the quality audit tools.

The following are the workshop results :

1.Quality standards for TVET providers in Rwanda

2. Accreditation & quality assurance tools :

  • School quality audit (inspection) form
  • Lesson observation form

3. Accreditation procedures

III. Conclusion and way forward

The existence of quality standards and tools for schools/centres is for us a prerequisite for the quality TVET project implementation. The workshop allowed the clarification of what WDA and different stakeholders expect from TVET providers regarding “quality”.

The work done focused on general aspects of Quality TVET because some elements prior to the elaboration of quality TVET quality standards (TQF, Curricula and assessment policy) are not yet definitely validated. The updating sessions will be therefore continuously organized in order to get specific and complete quality standards and tools according to relevant aspects of TVET quality. The involvement of WDA team, SM MINEDUC, PAFP TAs and schools managers led to appreciable results including clear and SMART indicators for quality standards measurement and appreciation.

As far as the SM is concerned, the exercise took in account related aspects (school management, production unit, internship, etc). Standards and tools related to SM will help us in the exercise of administrative staff capacity building needs assessment, definition of CB strategy and plan which respond to the TVET quality demand.

Prospects :

  • Finalization of documents and tools on TVET quality,
  • Information to school managers and others DPs about quality standards and tools,
  • Staff CB needs assessment, strategy and plan,
  • Implementation of CB plan. Challenges :
  • Staff recruitment vs new VTC structure
  • Lack of finalized and validated TQF, curriculum and assessment-certification policy.

IV. Reference and support documents:

  • Official Gazette - Annex to the presidential order establishing quality standards in education - 2008
  • Concept paper: Development and implementation of an Integrated Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system - June 2008
  • Référentiel de compétences et Descriptif de fonction FORMATEUR FPT - Août 2011
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  • Shirley’s documents related to WDA Quality Assurance and Accreditation  (QAA)

Done at Kigali, 25th January, 2012 TVET SM TAs.